What’s the ‘Secret Sauce’ to Winning at Portland Startup Weekend?


Amanda Smith Portland Startup Weekend April 2014 Josh BaileyHey everyone! It’s me, Beaker Buddy Amanda Smith. On behalf of the Beaker Buddies, I apologize for the radio silence. We’ve been having a little too much fun outside the beaker. But, now that Portland Startup Weekend April 2014 is less than two weeks away, we ready to get down to business.

The Beaker Buddies will be the first to tell you Startup Weekend is about the experience. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this tweet from Jeff Martens – a seasoned PDXSWer. But, we also know the extra sweet icing on the PDXSW cake is, of course, winning. And let’s be real, getting the ‘secret sauce’ to winning is really why you’re reading this post.

So, what is it? You’ll have to join us at Portland Startup Weekend Bootcamp to find out! This half day program, starting at Noon on Saturday, April 19th, will cover a few things that will help set you to take home an award on Sunday night. First, it will make you comfortable with the entire Startup Weekend experience as you’ll learn about what happens and tips from alums. On top of that, you’ll get to meet people who will be attending Startup Weekend beforehand, so you’ll have a few familiar faces around you during the weekend.

Second, you’ll get to practice pitching and get valuable feedback on your idea. Why is that helpful? You’ll have a whole week to refine your pitch, which increases your chances of your idea being picked. We’ll also teach you how to interview people to validate your idea.

Again, we think you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Jeri Alcock, PDXSW alum, who took her company through Portland Seed Fund and dropped off a few thoughts on Bootcamp:

“When I showed up at Bootcamp I didn’t even know what a pitch was. I was so nervous, I couldn’t get through my pitch at Bootcamp and I had to practice constantly for the Friday night pitch fire. The Bootcamp experience prepared me to be successful at PDXSW and everything I learned at PDXSW I use now — when pitching, talking to potential investors and business planning. It was truly the best investment I’ve made in getting my business off the ground.”

So buy your ticket today, and we look forward to seeing you at Bootcamp!

Bootcamp details:

Date: Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Time: 12pm (Noon)-5pm

Place: NedSpace: 1400 SW 5th Avenue (between Columbia St and Clay St), 3rd Floor, Portland, Oregon