Meet the Beaker Buddies!


Hello. My name is Josh Bailey, and I created the Beaker Buddies. I took the little dudes boiling in the beaker and busted them out. The spring logo is an extension to the fall 2013 design that was a winter logo, which was symbolic to the unknown, dark, and cold time of the year. The antlers and dark colors added to the theme. This spring is the Saturday morning cartoons to winter’s HBO miniseries.

I wanted to capture the spirit of a Portland Startup weekend: great people and exciting projects wrapped in a neat little educational package. The Beaker Buddies could be on a cereal box, a mascot for your favorite basketball team, or on a Saturday morning cartoon show. Instead, they are teaching startup principles and educating the masses one weekend at a time.

The buddies will be here answering questions, discussing startup ideas, and having a great time sitting on the outside of the beaker, if only for a little time.

Let’s meet a couple of characters.

Leona Keane Startup Weekend April 2014 Josh Bailey


Leona Keane is a builder at heart. She enjoys making all sorts of cool stuff:  coffee, apps, and even robots.  Leona once made an app that made coffee and was served by a robot.  Unfortunately the robot was a little clumsy, spilt the coffee, and fried itself.  The coffee was sooooo good though!


Sanjay Hiji Startup Weekend 2014 Josh BaileySanjay Hiji loves 3D anything. He is user-experience focused and tries to connect innovation with customer service at every turn. Sanjay can be found tinkering with his printer and designing the latest rain catcher for your automobile.

Amanda Smith Portland Startup Weekend April 2014 Josh Bailey


Amanda Smith loves startups.  She is a marketing guru with a penchant of putting together ideas and creative plans.  I met her on Friday and didn’t see her again until Sunday afternoon when she brought in the Oregonian that featured our pitch idea.  Amanda is a go-getter sitting on a rocket ship that is sitting on a shooting star.


Beaker Buddies Portland Startup Weekend 2014 Josh Bailey

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