16 Awesome Teams! 1 Incredible Weekend!


PDXSW November 2013 Group PictureThanks everyone for a fantastic event! Here’s a recap of the winners:

  • Overall WinnerSurvis, a customizable review consolidation and analytics dashboard targeted at marketing managers interested in monitoring social reviews from multiple review platforms, like Yelp, Google+, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, OpenTable, CitySearch, and more. Metrics tracked on the dashboard include demographics (reviewer age and type – e.g., local or tourist); competitor performance; time and frequency of reviews; linked word clouds for configurable timeframes; rating trend & distribution; and automatic email/SMS notifications per specified criteria.
  • Best ExecutionMusic Bubble, a social web service that allows the user to drop music tracks geo-spatially. Listeners have the ability to explore their surroundings and rate tracks that are added to the queue based on their current location. A bubble increases in coverage based on a simple upvote/downvote mechanism. More upvotes extends a tracks listener reach and a downvote decreases it. Venues can sign up for a static bubble which can used it to promote artists they are featuring. These type of bubbles are unaffected by the up/down vote system. Artists and venues can connect through Music Bubble to negotiate gigs.
  • Best Customer ValidationiConduct, smartphone controlled trains and toy products.
  • Honorable Mention: SeeSpot, amber alert for lost pets.

The rest of the field, in no particular order were:

  • Wish Delivery, an avenue for fulfilling the dreams of children that cannot leave their home or place of treatment due to severe illness. Supported by web-based crowd-funding, these children are matched with developers. The developers make imaginations come to life with custom virtual scenarios to be experienced on the Oculus VR Oculus Rift.
  • Vendabond, a platform for mobile retailers (like food truck owners) that manages as much or as little of their logistics as they need.
  • Rent Story, provides comprehensive, unbiased reports of rental properties to prospective tenants. Report information includes rent estimates, rental amenities, crime statistics, reviews, and more. Rent Story strives to tell a story of a rental property with personalized information and graphics.
  • SimplePolitix, the goal of our team is to disrupt a system of old boy politics by empowering ordinary citizens to think of themselves as legitimate candidates for political office, and by providing the clear-cut, concise information they need to know how to get added to the ballot for local elections.
  • GearUni, provides a platform that qualifies brand ambassadors in the athletic and outdoor community and rewards them for learning about and promoting products.
  • GardenSnap, a better social gardening experience. Tout your garden, easily organize your garden photos, and get information about what your neighbors are doing in their garden.
  • Car Scout, connect prospective car buyers with car experts to make the car buying experience easier.
  • WeFitMe, connecting like-bodied people to find/buy better fitting clothes.
  • Snap Rent, landlord & tenant market place.
  • Lil’ Kick Iced Coffee, a completely organic, half-caffeinated coffee drink for consumers looking for a healthy and balanced option when looking for a high quality and delicious bottled coffee beverage.
  • BotProof3D, minimizes time and material waste when using 3D printers by optimizing and fixing the design before printing.
  • Digits, removes the awkwardness from having one off conversations with the opposite sex. We intelligently provide question ideas to help you keep the conversation moving forward.

And we’ve had a couple great articles written by the Portland Business Journal…

Congrats to all the startups!