Oregon Entrepreneurs Network joins PDXSW as a Silver Sponsor


The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) knows that one of the most difficult things for a budding entrepreneur is getting started. That’s why we’re excited to support PDXSW, a lively,  inspiring, collective effort to help good ideas take flight.


As Oregon’s largest and longest-running entrepreneurial assistance organization, we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs grow and thrive. We like to open doors (we’re chivalrous like that) by connecting entrepreneurs to peers, investors, coaches, mentors, and educational resources.


One of the most important things an aspiring entrepreneur can do is to get out there are start meeting people. We hope that some meaningful, long-lasting connections are made at PDXSW this weekend.


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We hope to see you around. In the meantime, PDXSW is almost here. Ready, set, go!