A Message from PDXSW’s Host Puppet Labs


Guest blog from Luke Kanies | CEO / Founder at Puppet Labs and host for this weekends PDXSW. 

luke-kaniesAs a founder and entrepreneur for the last 8 years, I’m happy that my company, Puppet Labs — now employing more than 200 people, with more to come — is able to host Startup Weekend in our Portland office this week.

Portland is full of creative, energetic people. It’s a pleasure to lend support to a group of entrepreneurial developers, designers, marketers, and other startup enthusiasts as they jumpstart their ideas from the dream stage to an initial MVP and plan. Some of those ideas may well make it beyond the weekend and mature into products or services that provide value to real customers.


I started Puppet Labs because, as a sysadmin, I didn’t want other sysadmins to ever again have to spend time, energy and talent on the kinds of menial, repetitive tasks that kept me from doing work that really mattered.  I built software that helped offload the menial work to computers, which aren’t smart enough to mind the repetition. This allowed my customers to focus on their strengths, such as deep analysis and technical innovation, all in service of turning IT into a competitive advantage.

Portland has been a wonderful place to start and grow Puppet Labs into a company that’s building something that makes people’s lives better. We want to help other Portland startups get going and keep growing. So welcome to all the budding entrepreneurs who’ll be showing up at our office on Friday night. And if you’d like to be part of a growing, thriving Portland technology company, check out the open jobs on our website.