CoFoundersLab Launches Mobile App For Founders


CoFoundersLab is a great resource for entrepreneurs seeking co-founders for their company, talent or seeking to become a company to become a co-founder of. Have you heard of them? Did you know that Portland has some great local ties to CoFoundersLab? They are an amazing support system for our Startup Weekend events.

About The CoFoundersLab Mobile App

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 CoFoundersLab mobile serves as a real-time, location based, talent discovery tool, leveraging the rich dataset from your CoFoundersLab profile. CoFoundersLab mobile recommends the top candidates for you based on role, complementary skills, industry, business stage, and even what personality you’ll mesh with the best.

No longer will you waste precious time filtering for the best people to connect with at networking events.  The perfect person may in fact be sitting right next to you but odds are that you won’t meet and you’ll miss out on a golden opportunity.

Create a free profile on and download the free app.

CoFoundersLab is also holding a Matchup in Portland during Global Entrepreneurship Week on Tuesday, November 19th at iSite Design. RSVP HERE!