Battle of Startup Weekends: Global Startup Battle


Need another reason to get excited about the Portland Startup Weekend (PDXSW)? How about what happens afterwards:

Participants of PDXSW will have the opportunity to go head to head with Startup Weekend participants from across the globe at the Global Startup Battlean all out battle of the entrepreneurial best. Get a chance to join a network of thousands of entrepreneurs internationally, compete for $500k in prizes, meet with top mentors from companies like Google, win tickets to SXSW and more. There are 4 circles/areas you can compete in, each with their own focus and opportunities and one circle exclusively for Startup Weekend winners.

Global Startup Battle is an opportunity for you to take the momentum from Startup Weekend to launch your project into a full fledged business.

But here’s the catch, the only way you can compete in the Global Startup Battle is by first competing in one of the hundreds of Startup Weekends being held between November 15th and 25th. After the event, the winning team creates a video about your business idea and post it to one or more of Global Startup Battle’s circles to compete.

Spots for the upcoming PDXSW are limited. Sign up now and get ready to win.