#Tech4Change – Judging Criteria


As your respective companies start to transform into the MVPs for Sunday presentations, now is a good time to benchmark your progress against the criteria judges will be using to evaluate you.

Each of the areas below will be weighted equally. Teams will have 5 minutes to present, which an additional 5 minutes of Q&A with the judges.

Social Value Proposition
What is the depth of the anticipated social impact for customers? What is the potential for the product / service to achieve a positive social impact at significant scale? Are there clear metrics and goals for measuring social impact over time? To what degree have social impact assumptions been validated?

Business Model
Can this idea make money or at least become financially sustainable? Has the revenue model been clearly defined and is it realistic? Has the team developed rollout strategy to go-to-market? Has the team differentiated themselves from competitors? Is the idea/team ready for capital/execution? Would you invest in this company at this point?

Execution (Launch)
Was a functional software product /prototype developed during the T4C event (e.g. website, mobile app)? Does it have a professional look and feel? Was it designed with the customer in mind and does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience? Did the team execute well as a team and are they capable of successfully launching the startup?

Customer Validation
Has the team interviewed target customers / stakeholders and integrated feedback into the product / service? How well does the team understand the social value proposition for their customers? Is the customer acquisition / rollout strategy well defined? Has the team already begun to build a base of fans and would-be customers?