Friday night & the teams with the most votes


We had a great kick off night for Portland Startup Weekend! Over beers and pizza, attendees networked with each other and with sponsors and mentors, and participated in a high energy mass roshambo.

We heard Ryan Jenson, a serial entrepreneur, speak about his background and companies, and share his advice (and love of Texas Hold’em) to the sold out weekend attendees.

And of course we had the pitches. The energy was high as 47 people pitched their ideas in 60 seconds. After a round of voting, the following 12 teams had the most votes to move forward as Portland Startup Weekend teams:

  • Spot Swap: Mobile application for swapping spots (seats) at “Seat Yourself” restaurants and bars
  • FixerFlow: Maintenance management software and notifications  for ordinary people
  • UV Dosimeter: Wearable UV Dosimeter and Vitamin D production calculator syncing with mobile devices
  • Feed Me/Shopaholic/SEE Impact: 3 ideas that merged revolving around doing good, saving money, and food!
  • Giftpool/F Gifts: 2 ideas that merged on crowdsourcing for gifts
  • Reveleries: Aims to provide digital strategy lessons to musicians
  • LivFly: for athletes. It connects physically active people with each other and allows them to schedule exercises together
  • Scoutabout: a website and mobile app that’s the Pinterest of Travel apps
  • My future: Allows people to set future timelines and plans, and then use crowdsourcing to build on them
  • Pupsicles: All natural, dairy free frozen fruit and vegetable treats for humans to share with their dog
  • Dreampath: A concrete, customized action plan to get to your dream job
  • IF..THEN: Kickstarter for events. Users conditionally commit to attending an event and only when a certain number of people have agreed to participate is the event put on

Good luck to all the teams!