Congratulations to all #PDXSW Fall 2012 Teams!


Thanks everyone for a fantastic event! Here’s a recap of the winners. First place winner, BugShark, advances to the Global Startup Battle semi-finals!

  • 1st PlaceBugShark@bugshark: Provides businesses with a feedback platform to connect with a network of professionals, also known as Sharks, who improve your website testing process by having them find bugs and give you visual and clear feedback on your site. Judges were especially impressed with the team’s promising business model and effective demo video.
  • 2nd PlaceFoot in the Door@fitdpdx: Connects interns with awesome internships and jobs in a seamless way.
  • 3rd PlaceLocal Plate@localplate: Simplifies the process of getting produce from farmers to restaurants with an online exchange.
  • Launchside Rapid Revenue Prize WinnerDue.Love@due_love: A resource for matching families with Doulas for better birthing outcomes. Doulas also get better business building tools. Launchside will be building out their online service as part of this $5,000 prize package.
  • Audience FavoriteMySelf Trainer@myselftrainer: An XBox Kinect application to help analyze and improve your sports techniques (golf swing, baseball batting, etc.).

The rest of the field, in order of presentations were:

  • Spkrly@spkrly: Reads your tweets and RSS feeds like a radio announcer, making it easy to multitask and stay current.
  • 2nd Step: An online exchange for non-traditional educational materials.
  • Bit Trails@BitTrails: A platform that correlates your social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.) with personal information like stress levels, happiness, etc. to help you make positive changes to your life in a quantifiable way.
  • Find Ohana@FindOhana: Makes it easy for renters to process the paperwork needed for renting apartments with a single application.
  • NextHop@nexthopco: Leads you to products inside of stores with a unique wifi geolocation app combined with crowdsourcing.
  • Chalkflow@chalkflow: GitHub for creatives. It seamlessly manages versions and file naming inside of tools developers are already familiar with.
  • MyPublicist@mypublicist: A social media engagement platform for small businesses.
  • A beautifully designed way to discover and book travel destinations based on simple, relevant parameters like total price and activities.