Returning Sponsor: GadgetTrak!


GadgetTrak LogoGadgetTrak is back as a #PDXSW sponsor! GadgetTrak’s founder/owner, Ken Westin, has generously supported PDXSW as a mentor, keynote speaker (fall 2011), team participant ( team, spring 2012), and all-around great, loyal friend — in addition to donating prizes and gifts for the last several events!

Founded in 2007, GadgetTrak is the leading American innovator of theft recovery and data protection solutions for mobile devices. Featured regularly in the press, GadgetTrak’s patented, award winning software has been heroic to many — including law enforcement agencies who have used its technology to recover devices and crack identity theft rings.

GadgetTrak is fast and simple to install. It delivers peace of mind by tracking a lost or stolen mobile device’s location, backing up data, and even wiping data off the device. Consumer licenses are sold as annual subscriptions — which will be FREE to all PDXSW participants!! (1-year laptop license) Can’t beat that participant perk!

For more information about GadgetTrak’s latest developments, check out the company’s website. For more about GadgetTrak’s startup story, see this Meet The Startup Interview.

Thank you Ken Westin and GadgetTrak for your generous and loyal support of PDXSW!