Silicon Florist Returns as Official #PDXSW Media Sponsor!


Silicon Florist LogoWe are excited to announce Silicon Florist as #PDXSW’s official media sponsor! (Psst! Don’t miss the article already posted on SiliconFlorist, “Startup Weekend Trifecta“, about Portland’s November 16-18 event and Startup Weekends at PSU and Eugene).

Silicon Florist celebrated its 5th birthday in August! Started in 2007, Silicon Florist is THE premier outlet for tech-related startup news in Portland. It’s founder and editor, Rick Turoczy, gives a voice to Portland startups and has been a strong supporter of #PDXSW since the beginning. The site covers local tech-related startups, events, job postings, as well as notable “Silicon Forest” startup-related news and commentary.

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Thank you Silicon Florist and Rick Turoczy for your sponsorship and continued support!