SWEET New Startup Weekend Positions in Portland


Hey Portlanders! Want to be a part of something brand new from Startup Weekend? We’re testing some new volunteer positions within the Startup Weekend community, and we want you to help found the program! If you’re looking to be a bigger part of an ever growing global community, this is a great opportunity to help Startup Weekend and our community right here in Portland.

The initiative is called SWEET and it stands for Startup Weekend Ecosystem Empowerment Team. In other words, we’re trying to create more opportunities for people to help their entrepreneurial community in a way that makes sense to them.

That’s where you come in! We want to test SWEET, see how it goes, and make it sure it provides great value to the community and to the volunteer. That might mean just giving us feedback and ideas, pointing people you think might want to volunteer to the program, or even diving in and trying out one of the positions yourself!

The mission of SWEET is simple: Provide a volunteer platform through which anyone can make their community and entrepreneurial ecosystem more complete, powerful, and supportive for startups and entrepreneurs. With that, there are a few ways we think people can help out to start with that will keep things simple and test the idea effectively. We’ve come up with 3 positions to start, but with your help, we want to grow them and add plenty more!

MapMaker: This position is a ton of fun and a great chance to get close with everyone in your community you wanted to meet. Your job will be to map out everything useful to entrepreneurs in your city. That could be incubators, accelerators, events, investors, you name it! We’re working with some really good people at Startup Genome to make this project clean and easy and you will be officially recognized as a curator for your city on the Startup Genome site and as the official MapMaker for Startup Weekend on your city’s page. It won’t be long before people are seeking you out!

Scribe: As your city’s official scribe, you will be helping everyone stay up to date on the entrepreneurial happenings in your city. You write the cool stories and we help you share them. If you blog already and love startups, you might be a natural! We’ll get you in front of the Startup Weekend audience and promote some of your stories to the global blog too! This spot puts you right at the center of everything cool happening in your city in terms of entrepreneurship!

Buzz Master: You’re the social butterfly in town. You know about all the new cool things online and most would say you’re a just a bit obsessed with social media. You definitely tweet a lot and it doesn’t matter where you are, you’re keeping things up to date. As an official Startup Weekend Buzz Master, you get to take all those skills and help keep the world updated on your city’s awesomeness. We’ll get you added to a special Startup Weekend twitter list and follow you as well. We’ll help promote the important updates from your city and you get all the street cred that goes along with being on top of all the action.

Interested? Well then, apply by clicking this ridiculously large button below!

If any of these positions interest you or you know of someone that might want to get involved, let them know about it! We want to kick off a great legacy of Startup Weekend volunteers powering their cities and startup communities to new heights. We hope that new ways to volunteer will facilitate that and SWEET will become another way entrepreneurs can help each other be successful.

If you have any questions, check out the official SWEET page at startupweekend.org, reach out to a PDXSW Organizer, or shoot an email to sweet@startupweekend.org. We’d love to to talk to you more and we’re excited to have you as founders of this sweet new initiative.