New Sponsor: Digital Trends!


Digital Trends LogoDigital Trends is a global high-tech lifestyle, technology news and information website. Created by Ian Bell and Dan Gaul in 2001, it’s based right here in Portland with offices in the U.S. Bankcorp Tower. Digital Trends is a top 10 consumer electronics review site — with more than 12 million unique page views per month.

The site emphasizes the “lifestyle” aspect of technology and related products — what’s hot and now! A wide spectrum of consumer electronics are covered including mobile phones, cell phones, video games, video game systems, laptops, PCs, peripherals, televisions, MP3 players, iPods, music players, digital cameras, video cameras, GPS devices and more! It also covers home connectivity, digital entertainment, VoIP and other service areas.

Digital Trends’ website features news, reviews, guides, how-to articles, descriptive videos and podcasts. This includes “DT Daily” on the company’s own video channel hosted by KOIN 6’s Kacey Montoya. Also check out Digital Trends on Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome Digital Trends to #PDXSW! We appreciate your local sponsorship support!