Venue Sponsor: PSU Business Accelerator!


Portland State Business Accelerator

We are pleased to announce PSU Business Accelerator (PSBA) is the first sponsor and venue of #PDXSW Fall 2012! This is the second time they have donated their facilities to this event!

Started in 2005, PSBA is home to over 30 technology, bioscience and cleantech startup companies. Its expansive 50,000 square foot facility is located at the south end of Portland’s central business district. PSBA is part of PSU’s overall plan to foster entrepreneurship in the community. Resident companies enjoy a full menu of services designed to boost their success. The multifaceted Accelerator also connects with PSU students, offering opportunities for internships, capstone project studies and post-grad employment. For faculty, the Accelerator has been used as a real-world classroom.

During the 54 hours of Portland Startup Weekend, participants will get to experience the space, talk with managers, and perhaps imagine working there themselves after the weekend is over. Thank you PSBA for supporting Portland Startup Weekend and for your commitment to the Portland business and educational community!

You can find PSBA is on Twitter @PSUAccelerator.