“Where Are You Now?” Alumni Event – Thursday August 16th!

Our first “Where Are You Now?” Alumni event will be held on Thursday, August 16th at 6pm at the Green Dragon (http://www.pdxgreendragon.com/).  Come and join us to share and hear about your experiences since Startup Weekend. Whether you are still working on the original product or business idea, pivoted, started something brand new with other attendees, or have just been thinking about an idea and want to use this time to meet and greet, this is the event for you.  As usual, the first beer is on us!
Note: If you are close to launch, just started a business, have a new website or want to share some cool news please contact Josh Bailey at  lincolnmaddy@yahoo.com..  We would like to assist in anyway with getting this information out through the Portland Startup Weekend blog and also have an introductory balloon popping ceremony during our alumni event.
We look forward to seeing you very soon!