Portland Startup Weekend is Over, Now What?


Was that an awesome weekend or what?!? Congrats to everyone on a job well done. This Portland Startup Weekend was one of the best ever, and the products you made are truly amazing!


If you haven’t already, give yourself a chance to relax after such a crazy long weekend! Use this downtime to reflect on the experience and decide how it will play into your future. Don’t make any decisions about you, your team, or your product until you’ve had a chance to refresh a bit.


You are now part of a global network of over 45,000+ people that have participated in a Startup Weekend. This is a valuable and unique group there to support you however it can. A good first step in leveraging this network is to join the PDX Startup Weekend alumni group on LinkedIn. This is also a good time to personally connect with everyone you met during the weekend.


As you consider how to move forward, remember that Startup Weekend can be valuable in many ways, and people attend Startup Weekend for different reasons. Not everyone comes to Startup Weekend with the goal of launching and running a company afterwards. If that’s you, think about how Startup Weekend inspired you. How you can take that inspiration and put it to work in your current job or other areas of your life? The informal education you receive at Startup Weekend can have a positive effect on your ‘day job’ in many ways. Don’t be surprised if your boss notices an extra spring in your step next week!


If you have decided that you want to continue on with your PDXSW company, you have a long but rewarding road ahead of you. One of the first things to do is decide what your team will look like. There are no obligations or promises set forth at a Startup Weekend, your post-PDXSW team can look like anything you want. We just encourage you to be fair and appreciative of the hard work put in last weekend.

If you are a team leader, one suggestion is to poll the team and see who has an interest in moving forward and who doesn’t. Not everyone will. Then, work together to divide up responsibility and lay out the expectations for each of you. These decisions could come into play once you are are ready to speak with legal council about formalizing your company.


Many entrepreneurs find that mentorship and advice are the things that carry them through. You can find this support organically through your network and you can also find it through a number of local organizations that exist for this purpose. Here is a list of just some of these organization you might consider:

These are just a few and this list is not an endorsement. Different groups are right for different people. Find the home that best meets your needs!


At some point, a few of you will be ready to go a step farther and join a formal program and raise seed funding. Not all businesses should join one of these programs and not all need funding. However, if this is something you want to pursue, there are resources available. They include:

Many of these organizations bring together networking, mentoring, and funding into one place. Not every program is a good fit for every business, so find the one that best fits your needs.


A final resource is your PDX Startup Weekend organizing team. This team consists of 11 volunteers that want nothing more than to see you succeed in whatever you do. Organizers have counseled teams on all topics related to moving forward after a Startup Weekend and they want to help you however they can. Feel free to contact us individually, or email pdxstartupweekend {at} gmail and we’ll put you in touch with the best resources for you and your team.

Finally, remember that Portland Startup Weekend isn’t just a weekend event. It’s a family that is active year round. Stay tuned for more information about workshops, alumni get togethers, and other opportunities to keep the excitement going!