Parking @ Portland State Business Accelerator


PSBA location can be tricky for people to find on their first visit.

They have a dedicated website to help:

GPS or online mapping: use intersection of SW Corbett Ave and SW Meade St, Portland, OR 97201. Caution: do NOT use street address

Parking areas include for participants:

  • PSBA parking lot (free, ~80 cars)
  • City street (~50 cars)- no permits/payment needed
  • Neighbors parking lot (~15 cars)- LCG Pence, only if needed, leave spaces open right in front of building for their customers

*Do not leave valuables in your car

Bike storage:

Bike racks out front

Entry to secured bike parking will be accessible in PSBA parking garage, you can retrieve your bike at anytime during the day

  •         4-6 pm on Friday
  •         8-10 am on Saturday and Sunday
  •         Pay careful attention to instructions for leaving the parking garage, through pedestrian gate or activate sensor by speed bump

Public Transit-