Interview with aka GoldMind!


Wondering what’s been happening with previous Portland Startup Weekend companies? Well, we got a chance to interview GoldMind. These guys were an October 2011 Portland Startup Weekend company (formerly called, so take a look below at their thoughts on the weekend and their progress since then.

Tell us about your StartUp Weekend company. What is the name and what does it do?

At StartUp Weekend, our team of 10 created an idea for an online site that would make learning something on your own easier. We called ourselves:

How has your company/product changed since StartUp Weekend?

We wouldn’t recommend googling… in the 6 months since Portland StartUp Weekend, we have iterated and evolved into a more refined, customer validated company with a new name, a specific mission and vision, community support and, soon, a beta product to launch.

We are GoldMind and we will use crowdsourcing with a specific focus on education to make the experience of learning online easier.

What milestones or successes have you had since the weekend?

Since StartUp Weekend, our team has changed; we now have a core group of passionate experts and advisers. We’ve also been accepted into a highly-sought after legal program at Willamette University. In addition, we’ve received positive input from experts in our field, professors, venture capitalists and even the Director of the United Nation’s Center for Information. 

What has been the biggest challenge since StartUp Weekend?

The problem we’re trying to solve – organizing the educational content online to make the experience of learning on your own easier – is a big one, and consequently, our biggest challenge has been trying refine our entry solution.  But after lots of post-it notes, surveys, whiteboards, and beer, we think we a possible solution.  

What does the future have in store for you and your company?

We’re big dreamers and like all start-up kool-aid drinkers believe we can change the world – at least how people access educational material online. Until then, in the short-term, we will be launching our first MVP and continuing to iterate and pivot as we hear market feedback.

If you could rewind and do StartUp Weekend over again, is there anything you would do differently? 

Our team is very grateful for the Startup Weekend experience. If we had the opportunity to do it again, we’d incorporated more Lean Startup principles, put a bigger focus on using technology to create a minimal viable product and make more use out of the skills the StartUp Weekend mentors had to offer. 

What was the best part about StartUp Weekend for you and your company? 

The best part about StartUp Weekend was absolutely the people! In addition, the entire experience was an invaluable catalyst for starting us off with a bang! 

How can the StartUp Weekend community support you going forward? 

For those in the StartUp Weekend community who value the importance of making the experience of learning something on your own online more easy and accessible, we would love to hear from you! We need guinea pigs and people who will provide constructive feedback and suggestions to improve our product. Shoot us an email at to growing join our community of followers. This group will be the first to have access new site!