Interview with My Replay Live!


We got a chance to sit with Luke Ordway, founder of My Replay Live, an April 2011 Portland Startup Weekend company, to ask them about their progress since Startup Weekend and their thoughts on the weekend long event. Take a look at their interview below, and check out their website!

Shashi: Tell us about your Startup Weekend company.

Luke: Our company is called MyReplayLive, providing an automated video recording service so nobody has to hold the video camera, everyone can be the star, and there is never a moment missed.

S: How has your company/product changed since Startup Weekend?

L: We have introduced a 180 degree panoramic video modified from the security industry.  This camera actually has 5 lenses, leverages video stitching technology, and captures the entire playing space.

S: What milestones or successes have you had since the weekend?

L: We have had B2B and B2C sales and won several early rounds of entrepreneur programs such as OEN and PSF.

S: What has been the biggest challenge since Startup Weekend?

L: Keeping all the different facets of the business progressing and organized.  Realizing that a small pivot requires changes to the business plan, executive summary, pro-forma, etc.

S: What does the future have in store for you and your company?

L: If 2012 is as successful as 2011, we will be in good shape.

S: If you could rewind and do Startup Weekend over again, is there anything you would do differently?

L: Startup Weekend was great.  We are in a different place now, so if I could leverage the resources again, it would be to build our mobile time stamping app.

S: What was the best part about Startup Weekend for you and your company?

L: The final presentation, and the feedback from the panel of judges.  It was positive reinforcement and recognition.

S: How can the Startup Weekend community support you going forward?

L: Help us build out several features we have waiting for the man power to dev.  But it’s not really a startup as such any more.  It would have to be more of Dev-Up weekend.