How a Startup Weekend Team Launched with 10,000 Site Visitors in Week 1


I recently read a great blog post that I wanted to pass along to future and former Portland Startup Weekend attendees. The story is from the June 2011 New York  City event. A team named won second prize. Their business is social booking site for hostel travelers. Energized by their Startup Weekend experience, they continued forward with their company after the weekend ended. Six months later, after incorporating the company, building out the team, completing the product, and raising a seed round, launched with 10,000 visits to their site in just 1 week!

The team took some time to talk about what they did right at Startup Weekend and after Startup Weekend. Their blog post was published at and we have summarized the key points below. Make sure to click through to read the full post!

Top 5 Things Done Right At Startup Weekend

  1. Enlist a diverse and skill-complimentary team
  2. Think Big
  3. Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  4. Get Feedback from target users
  5. Make the most of the Mentors

Top 5 Things Done Right After Startup Weekend

  1. Believe it!
  2. Take part in an accelerator or incubator
  3. Surround yourself with great people
  4. Keep the momentum growing
  5. Launch! (even with a lot of flaws)
Click here to read the entire post which includes details on each of the 10 points above. Enjoy!