Launchside: Sponsors, Prizes, and Mentors in one package!


What makes Portland’s Startup Weekend so great is that established Portland startups are first to donate time, labor, and even their facilities to helping new entrepreneurs enter the scene. Now some of Portland’s nascent startups are stepping up to help. We’d like to welcome Launchside, a Portland Seed Fund company, as sponsor for this October’s Portland Startup Weekend. They’ve provided us with funding for one great meal and sweet prizes to the winners of the weekend. They’ll also be onsite as mentors- this is a great chance to learn how to turn your from minimum viable product into a fundable concept.

LaunchSide helps connect startups with their earliest customers. Startups featured on – in front of an audience of web, tech, and startup enthusiasts – are able to rapidly gain traction as they launch. LaunchSide is a Portland, OR company and a member of Portland Seed Fund’s first class.