Silicon Florist’s Awesome Wrap-Up on Startup Weekend Portland


Startup Weekend Portland sponsor, Silicon Florist’s Rick Turoczy was also a judge for this weekend. Here is his wrap-up of the weekend.

Here’s the list of final projects, courtesy of Silicon Florist:

  • AudioName acts as an audio avatar, giving people the correct pronunciation of your name in your voice
  • Biznab offers a super simple CRM targeted at contractors and other service industry folks
  • GoodPursuits makes supporting charities a clue-driven game
  • Grepic allows individuals and companies to tag Facebook photos, providing a more rich information set for viewers
  • KidInk makes it easy for kids and parents to share kids’ artwork online
  • MyReplayLive gives everyone a highlight reel by broadcasting amateur sporting events
  • Play Academy helps children and parents manage growth and development around math
  • SellHappLee allows powersellers to easily post items to eBay, Amazon, and other similar storefront sites
  • Skitterlist tells you what restaurants and bars you’ll like based on people with similar habits and interests
  • Spotzie allows you to rent out your driveway as a parking spot
  • Ulysses Pact enables you to enlist the help of friends and family in achieving your goals