Our Teams for Fall 2010


Dwell Match
The current homebuying process is time consuming, expensive and daunting. Dwellmatch aims to disrupt the homebuying process by connecting determined buyers to motivated sellers. Where home buyers pay less and home sellers get more.

Clean or No Clean
A Facebook game that makes chores fun and rewarding to both parents and kids.

Bands on the Run
Bands on the Run: Adding music to posters. We provide a way for bands to create a simple mobile page with music and concert information – and provide a printable QR code to place on posters. Now people that want to find more information about a band with an intriguing poster can scan the code and get music sample right away!

Event Day Parking
Anyone who has attended a college football game knows the headache of finding a spot on game day. Game/Event Day Parking is to connect people who have driveways or other parking spots available with game day event attendees driving in for the day.

Cubes Cubes
CubesCubes (www.CubesCubes.com) is an image based social media site initially focused on kids. The app allows members to easily build a pictorial representations of what their interests are and easily share and link to existing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The app will initially be launched on the iPhone/iPod.

Farmsation makes it easy for farmers to offer food (or other) subscriptions to customers and easily manage those subscriptions online.

Seats in Seats
We can build cars that give 100 mpg and move 1 person in the future or we can move 3 people in a car that gives 33 mpg today. SeatsinSeats.com is a social site for drivers barreling down the road with mostly empty vehicles to find riders to share their drives or commutes. We aim to reduce congestion, shorten commutes, build communities and reduce dependence on vanishing fossil fuels.

Geek Share
Geekshare – Providing kind and caring technical support for Parents of Geeks. Have trouble patiently answering your parents basic and sometimes strange end user computing problems? But find those questions are not so annoying when they come from people not related to you? The Geekshare is a membership based organization that allows you to contribute or purchase support hours so your own parental units receive premium support for basic problems from fellow geeks.

Oregon Peace Pod
The Sustainable Development (SD) Pod will be deployed to remote and isolated areas where people are trying to find their way out of poverty, often in the aftermath of war or political instability. This model will be customized to empower the people in a specific area and circumstance to develop their own better future.

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