Portland Ten Sponsoring


Thank you Portland Ten for supporting Startup Weekend  attendees can receive

a. two free passes to the next 6 weeks of Skill Development workshops (12 workshops in legal, finance, accounting, VC, PR, product management, etc.)

b. Free Startup Checkups offered to any attendees of Startup Weekend– a 1-hour venture-capital style evaluation meeting to assess the startup’s current status.

More info about Skill Development workshops here, more about Checkups here.

Two more announcements: Portland Ten’s next Six Week Sprint will begin Friday, March 12th, we’ll offer 10% off for any Startup Weekend attendee.

Second, they are starting to evaluate companies for the May-July round of Portland Ten, as an FYI for anyone interested, and the best way to catch their attention is to a) attend Founders’ Coffee Tuesdays 9 am at Daily Cafe, 13th & Kearney NW, b) schedule a Startup Checkup, or c) attend any Skill Development workshop.