Join Our New Community


We’ve needed to provide a social community for people to talk about pitches and projects before, during and after events for a long time now.  For everyone in Portland this is the first opportunity to do so.  It still needs a little bit of work but it would be great to start some chatter in there.  Thank you Garrett Gillas for being the first guinea pig!  Here is a link to JOIN THE COMMUNITY.

What can you do:

1.) Build your profile

2.) Pitch ideas for the upcoming event

3.) Start talking to eachother

This event is going to be great, thank again to NED Space for hosting us and to everyone at Portland Innovation Experiment (PIE) for being willing to host and for supporting the event.  Read a little about Mugasha below, they began as a Startup Weekend idea and now have five people working full time moving it forward.  To register click the top left register button, if you have any questions dig into our website or drop us an email or give us a call 206-659-4484.  Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this event, Mugasha set the bar pretty high!